Kraken Review: Everything You Need to Know

By Triston Martin Updated on Feb 09, 2022
Cryptocurrency exchange Kraken has low costs and many coins. It's also one of the few crypto exchanges in the United States to offer advanced trading capabilities such as margin trading.

Experienced investors who want to take advantage of the margin trading and other complex features will do well on this crypto exchange. Exchange of cryptocurrencies Kraken offers a large range of coins at a low cost. One of the few crypto exchanges in the U.S. that offers advanced trading features like margin trading is

Extraordinary Advantages

Kraken has built a solid reputation as a trustworthy cryptocurrency exchange for almost a decade. A lot works in its favor, making it an excellent choice.


Kraken is a world-renowned exchange established in 2011 and went live in 2013. And it's always had an eye on safety. After eight years, it's safe to say that.

Since the beginning, the U.S.-based exchange has been the most secure in the industry. As a result, it is both physically and financially secure. Furthermore, it encourages users to adopt sound security practices.

The Variety of Available Cryptocurrencies

Kraken deals in seven fiat currencies and has a coin collection of nearly 60. While it's not the largest collection of digital currency, it's on pace with some of the most reputable exchanges. A step above from many dealers that provide a few well-known coins, too. It's much easier to buy and sell Kraken at a reasonable price because of its strong liquidity.

Not all Kraken's currencies can be exchanged because it operates with currency pairs. What does it mean when you talk about a currency pair? Imagine that you're on vacation in Germany, and you need to convert your dollars to the local currency, the Deutschmark. Those are two currencies. You're constantly exchanging one currency for another if you buy Bitcoin with dollars or Ethereum with bitcoin.

Features That Allow for More Advanced Trade

Like Kraken's, margin, stop orders, and crypto short sales are only available on a few exchanges. It also offers a "dark pool," allowing high-volume investors to trade without being seen. A currency pair can be leveraged up to five times with Kraken, and qualifying pro clients can access up to $500,000 in the margin. Margin trading can be dangerous, so proceed with caution. To put it another way, you're taking out a loan to invest.

In this example, let's imagine you put $100 into Ethereum. Use the 5x margin that you've been given. Your earnings will be multiplied by five if the price of Ethereum rises. Your losses will be magnified if Ethereum loses value. Margin increases the danger of investing in cryptocurrencies, which are already a risky proposition.

Reasonable fees

Several exchanges have lower costs than Kraken. Because of this, its maker-taker fees are lower than those of competitors like Coinbase. Different exchanges charge different fees for trading, and the amount you trade each month is often a factor in the amount you pay. Look at the fees you'll have to pay to deposit and withdraw money, as well as the transaction costs.

What Can Be Done Better?

Beginners Should Stay Away From This Investment

If you're a first-time bitcoin trader, you can learn a lot from Kraken. This includes guidelines for each currency and a series of video tutorials. For this reason, the site is best suited for more experienced traders. Beginner investors will have difficulty adjusting to the plethora of coins and features available.

Starter Accounts Are Limited

Kraken review has three account tiers: starter, intermediate, and pro, which we'll go over in greater depth later. Starter accounts, which are the only ones that don't require a photo I.D. and other documentation, are limited in what they allow you to do.

As a user, that could be frustrating. As a result, Kraken's advanced features are more secure and reliable.

Account Financing Is Slow

Fedwire can be used to make a U.S. dollar deposit, but only after you've validated your account and given identification. If you live in the United States, credit and debit cards cannot make a deposit. Deposits in fiat currency can take one to five business days to process.

You'll need a free starting account and roughly five minutes of your time to deposit coins. If you need assistance transferring cash from another exchange, Kraken can provide you with the necessary tools.

Customers' Needs Are Our First Priority

This crypto exchange provides 24/7 customer care and an easy-to-use help center for its customers. Despite this, Trustpilot gives it a mere 1.9 stars. These reviews aren't always reliable, but it's important to trust the folks you're handing over your hard-earned money to. Several customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the customer service department's lack of response and the failure to get their funds.

Kraken's Mechanism of Operation

A pure crypto exchange, Kraken is what it says it is. Unlike other financial institutions, it does not offer savings accounts or loans to its customers. And it's not even equipped with a money clip.

Centralized, you may access it from any computer with an internet connection. It does not have a mobile app in the United States. It has been stated previously that Kraken allows eligible users to use margin, stop orders, and crypto short sales. If you don't use the money in your account, you can earn interest by staking it.

If you want to create a simple account, you'll need to submit your name, birth date, and address information. If you are under 18 and do not reside in an area where you will be supported, please do not apply (anywhere in the U.S. apart from Washington and New York).

You can deposit, exchange, and withdraw bitcoins with this account, but you can't do much else. If you wish to convert dollars into cryptocurrency, you'll need to upgrade your account.

Your Social Security number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) will also be required to upgrade from an Intermediate to a Pro account, as will a valid photo I.D. (such as a passport or driver's license). Kraken futures can be traded if you've updated your account.

Pro: The Pro level grants access to the anonymous "dark" trading pool and the over-the-counter desk, as well as increased account limits and additional features. Large orders can be placed on the desk without disrupting the market price.

You'll need to make a transfer to fund your Kraken account; the price structure is listed below. Kraken does not accept debit or credit card payments in the United States. Five days is the maximum amount of time it takes for a bank to process a request for funds.