The General Car Insurance Review

By Susan Kelly Updated on Aug 12, 2022
If you are having problems acquiring insurance due to your driving record or bad credit, you might consider The General as an alternative. Other than that, The General is not an appealing option for auto insurance due to the large number of customer complaints it receives as well as the restricted number of specialist coverage and discount options it provides.

The General targets high-risk drivers who have trouble securing insurance through more conventional channels. The General, however, is not a desirable option for either people with spotless driving histories or those with some mishaps due to the company's exorbitant rates, unfavorable ratings, and lack of major discounts.

Even high-risk drivers may discover that another insurance provider is more suited to their needs, depending on factors like the quality of the customer service, the ease of filing claims, and any discounts available.

How Reliable Is The General as an Insurance Provider?

The General provides high-risk drivers, such as those with numerous claims or younger drivers, with alternative vehicle insurance policies. For example, many insurance providers are hesitant to insure motorists who have been issued an SR-22. Despite advertising itself as a low-cost alternative for high-risk drivers, our examination of New York state quotations shows that The General's rates are consistently higher than those of the competition, whether you're a youthful driver or have had an accident in the past.

The Standard Auto Insurance Protections

You might wish to shop around for a new insurance provider if you often travel with rented vehicles. However, The General provides its customers with the same basic policy protections that other major domestic insurers provide. In addition, policyholders may tailor their protection with various add-ons from The General. Among these are:


If your automobile is damaged in an accident and you purchase this additional coverage, the cost of renting a replacement vehicle will be covered. Depending on your car type, you may anticipate coverage to begin at $20 per day and last for no more than 30 days. In contrast to what you may expect from other insurance providers.

Waiver of the Deductible: Protective Gear

Optional coverage allows drivers to submit a claim without having to pay a deductible in the event of damage to covered safety devices. Only glass in windshields, doors, and windows is exempt from the deductible.

Specialized Gear

This optional coverage will reimburse you for repairs to custom accessories like fog lights, bed liners, and camper shells that you've installed on your vehicle. Except in California, where the cap is $1,000, policyholders can purchase up to $5,000 in supplemental coverage for accessories. Only drivers with comprehensive collision coverage can take advantage of this protection.

Auto Insurance Discounts from General Insurance

Discounts from General Insurance are available to policyholders in many states. Drivers who are full-time students who maintain at least a 3.0-grade point average, a B average, or an academic rating in the top 20% of their class are eligible for a good student discount.

Additionally, drivers who can prove they took and passed a state- or military-approved defensive driving course are eligible for a fee reduction. Also eligible for the Louisiana military discount are active duty service members from the Army, Navy, Air Force, Reserve Corps/National Guard, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard who are stationed in the state.

Various Other General Insurance Plans

The General also provides tenants insurance, among other policies. This protects the policyholder's possessions, income, and legal obligations in the case of a covered loss due to things like fire, water, or other perils.

Shoppers may only take advantage of vehicle and renters insurance; other plans, such as those covering their homes, possessions, pets, jewels, identity theft, lives, and health, are unavailable. And unfortunately, The General does not cover recreational vehicles such as motorbikes, campers, ATVs, or boats.

Economic Viability of General Insurance

In terms of its financial health, The General is in fine shape. A.M. Best Rating Services, a financial rating agency, has given it an A rating, which is Excellent. This suggests that the insurer is quite likely to be able to fulfill its future insurance commitments. The company has an A+ (Excellent) long-term issuer credit rating from A.M. Best Rating Services.

Reasons Why You Should Choose The General

When it comes to low-cost auto insurance for high-risk drivers, The General may be one of the few options. Drivers under the age of 20 or above the age of 70 are considered to be high risk. Their license has been suspended or revoked, and they need to provide proof of financial responsibility, or SR-22, before they can regain their driving privileges. Your insurance provider will issue you an SR-22 if you have sufficient liability coverage to satisfy state regulations.

The General has a lot to offer, including cheap insurance for all sorts of drivers, but if you have a clean driving record, you might be able to get a better deal elsewhere. General insurance may be less expensive on average. It may provide alternatives for high-risk drivers, but it does not include replacement cost coverage, ridesharing coverage, or coverage for vehicles powered by alternative fuels.